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Delivering Anger Management Sessions in School

Anger management sessions in school are more beneficial to the pupils when they are delivered as a one to one lesson, this enables work to be completed efficiently without distractions.

It allows the pupils to open up without any confidentiality issues occurring, encouraging open discussions between the tutor and the pupils.

If an incident occurs during school the issue(s) can be explored and incorporated into the lesson. The school benefits from having a tutor with conflict resolution training, who is able to facilitate a solid course of sessions that have a proven track record of success.

Most pupil's behaviour has significantly improved on completion, thus preventing exclusion in the majority of cases.

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Peer Mediation and Support Programme

It is recognised that such initiatives give young people real ownership of their schools. This provides an opportunity for them to be involved in resolving problems in their own lives, and in the wider community. At the same time the scheme can improve the ethos of the school by creating an atmosphere of trust and respect.

This programme does not only provide young people with essential life skills but is designed to help pupils to achieve their full potential. It also ensures that a service is valued, supported and successful.

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Meet The Manager

staff photoAndrea French - Mediation Service Manager