Neighbour Mediation

Mediation is a well established process for resolving conflict, in which a mediator acting as an impartial third party will help those in disagreement to find a mutually acceptable way forward.

Mediation is based on the following principles:

The process of mediation:

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Community Mediation

Offered to residents when many neighbours are involved. A meeting will be set up inviting all participants to discuss the problems and concerns which they all have.

It works on the principle that members of the local community are the best people to resolve local disputes, such as noise nuisance, harassment, playing areas and boundaries.

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Family Mediation

Mediation for individuals and guardians/friends/others who are no longer willing to accommodate a member of their family. This mediation is provided to facilitate mediation where there is risk of homelessness/or exclusion between:

Mediators will visit individuals in their own homes and a first meeting will advise participants of the mediation process. Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process where individuals and not the mediator will decide the terms of agreements reached.

Mansfield Mediation and Local Authorities are working together to help reduce homelessness for individuals who may be forced to leave home because of a disagreement with family, friends or partners. The local authority should be contacted as first point of entry.

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Workplace Mediation

Mediation within teams is not only about the use of mediation where there are interpersonal conflicts or difficulties. It is increasingly used after a formal investigation has taken place and positive intervention is needed in order to help resume good working relationships between those involved.

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Meet The Manager

staff photoAndrea French - Mediation Service Manager