Divorce & Separation

If you and your partner have decided to separate, we will not try to persuade you to stay together – that is a decision for you to make. We are here to help you through the pain and difficulties that arise from a separation or divorce.

We offer the following:

Family mediation is a private and confidential service whose sole aim is to help resolve family concerns. Hopefully, where everyone involved comes to an amicable agreement.

We will not, however, force you to do anything you don't want to. Our service is only there to help manage thoughts and feelings, and to hopefully turn this into useful action.

Charges are per session and are based on home or office visit.

If you still want to see your solicitor... Mediation cuts out a lot of the work done by solicitors because the negotiations are done with the mediator. This leaves the legal advisor to focus on advising on the proposal worked out and making it watertight.

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Meet The Manager

staff photoAndrea French - Mediation Service Manager